Case/Davis trencher backhoe

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Re: Case/Davis trencher backhoe

Post by Eugen »

Guys, I thought tracks were easier on the lawn than tires. Perhaps rubber tracks and not steel tracks. I'm lucky my wife doesn't care about the lawn, which we don't have much of anyway, having it replaced with a small garden. She only cares about the flower garden she has, and I must make sure her bulbs get taken care of, which I find very reasonable :D In fact I just provided compost and new soil right before the weather turned for some new bulbs she got.

As Tim said, if the track system is not ruined, it'd be a pity not to do something with it. It'll be fun trying to take this one apart for the refresh. :O I better do that while I still have the big backhoe, it's not like I can just jack it up a little to work under :109: I'm thinking I'll roll it on its side to do any work underneath.

There isn't much above, the frame, which is really really thick. All it needs is to take the trencher chainsaw out, and put a seat on it. Anyway, it's a neat lawn ornament until next summer and more reason for my neighbours to question my sanity. To put things in perspective, judging by the number and size of equipment I now have, you guys probably think I live on acreage; when @FUTZ visited me about a month ago he was quite surprised I don't live on a farm. No, we live on a 100 by 100 feet lot. I still got room for a couple more tractors! Now you can question my sanity too. :109: :rofl:
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Re: Case/Davis trencher backhoe

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I told my wife I wanted a project with tracks on it. First thing she said was, “it’ll tear the yard up!” Then I said we have loader tractors and a backhoe, and tractors to disc and harrow, so we can fix torn up ground! Then it hit me…I do live on a few acres and I have to many tractors too!
You haven’t lost your sanity….YET. You just need a little more ground to “work on”! :thumbsup:
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