Hydraulic parts

Drawings and schematics of parts for tractors, attachments, tools.
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Hydraulic parts

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So, my GT in restore is a 1987 444 with a re-powered B&S 18HP Vanguard engine and electric clutch. So having said that my muffler sticks out the right side of the engine so no under hood in this baby. Always had trouble changing snowblower belts when an under hood muffler was there...had to remove the snowblower, often the hood too as I always ended up releasing the oil cooler, etc, etc...get the message?

So my design now has changed the way the oil cooler is mounted! I can now remove 4 bolts from the top of the cooler mount and gain complete access to the pulley and belt. No more fiddling for me! On a side note the oil cooler brackets use threaded NutSert fasteners

The following files reflect those changes...
Righthand Oil Cooler Bracket v8.f3d
(438.43 KiB) Downloaded 136 times
Oil Cooler Top Bracket v11.f3d
(64.07 KiB) Downloaded 130 times
Lefthand Oil Cooler Bracket v5.f3d
(451.33 KiB) Downloaded 135 times
C25784 Heat Exchanger v13.f3d
(3.9 MiB) Downloaded 140 times