New to me Wilton Tradesman vise refresh

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Re: New to me Wilton Tradesman vise refresh

Post by Eugen »

Got a Record vise locally for about $50 two years ago, could not believe my luck. 5" wide jaw, not huge, but good enough for small stuff like I do. I once got a steel table from an industrial pump repair shop in Toronto, and the table came with another 5" wide jaw Record vise. They just didn't want to bother to take it off the table :O But, the vises I have seen they have in that shop, they were gigantic, all USA made. Not for sale, not that I could afford any.

When it comes to vises, if you want something of quality and new, lots of $$ can be spent. The cheaper, Harbour Freight types are pretty weak. One of my tool cabinets came with a Princess Auto fairly large vise (again, a 5" wide jaw). Last week I wanted to straighten a piece of pipe that was flatten somewhat. Tightened the spindle and suddenly, snap! The spindle axle just snapped. I'm not that strong! :blush:

I admire the vises you guys got.
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Re: New to me Wilton Tradesman vise refresh

Post by Harry »

Terrific refurb of your new to you Vise Bob. You can't beat old tools that will last a few lifetimes. You can never have enough vises in my book. I have four which I believe I posted before. I'm planning on mounting one on a piece of four inches sch. 80 pipe with a plate on the bottom so I can use it around the shop.

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